About Driftwoodrhythms

Meet Adrien

Hi, I’m Adrien. A Graphic designer by trade and a traveller by design. I was summoned to design the logo for this website. But other than that I am just a supporter cheering in the background.

For me, it’s all about enjoying the little things in life. Whether it’s drinking my morning coffee, (which I’ve become quite attached to) going on an outdoor excursion or simply trying a different route home.

My heart belongs to the countryside and the serenity that comes with it but a part of me yearns for adventure. An adventure I have wholeheartedly decided to indulge in with my ever drifting, very attractive nomad.

Meet Heinie

Hi, I’m Heinie. I am the author of Driftwoodrhythms, as well as the husband of the fabulous lady who is mentioned in the section above.

I am a child of Africa, shaped by its wide open spaces and rugged beauty. Consequently, I have a deep-rooted love for nature and find myself at peace in the great outdoors. I’m stuck somewhere between an adrenaline junky and a hippie. I enjoy most outdoor activities, including surfing, hiking, camping and kayaking. Anything to get out there and experience the thrill of nature and its beauty.

Surfing is probably the most incredible way to experience nature and even though I am about as good a surfer as most fish are mountaineers, surfing is quite possibly my greatest passion. I ultimately spend my time fantasising about the indescribable sensation of dancing with a wave. Especially when I am unable to pursue this divine gift in real life. If it were up to me I would be living like a bum on a beach. Luckily, Adrien is there to balance things out and keep me on track.

About Driftwoodrhythms

We are two South African adventurers aiming to escape the bonds of a traditional 9 to 5 existence. After we got married we moved to China to teach English in Shanghai. The ESL teacher lifestyle provides us with ample opportunity to feed our wanderlust and curiosity. While at the same time also offering us enough stability to develop and pursue our dream of becoming full-time travellers.

We enjoy travelling in general and relish in exploring new places, but we always seem to end up close to the ocean. The sand, the sun and the pounding waves lure us back to the blue water and fresh ocean breezes time and time again. We regularly find ourselves daydreaming about the sand between our toes, the sun on our skin and the exhilaration of gliding along the face of a wave. More often than not, we start planning an inland trip and end up fantasising about a bungalow on the beach.

Our Mission

Although we’ve spread our wings to see the world, our endgame is to travel Africa and surf as many of its breaks as possible. Africa is an enchanted place that constantly tugs on our adventurous side and whispers for our return. The beauty of its landscape is unrivalled and it has countless parts that are virtually unexplored and unscathed by western tourism. In terms of surfing, the larger part of the continent lays untouched, with the promise of countless virgin breaks waiting to be discovered. It has long been a dream of mine to travel across Africa and surf its uncharted waves.

Driftwoodrhythms is our travel blog in which we document our wanderings around the world. We share our experiences in the hope of inspiring others to follow suit and start exploring the awesome world we live in. Our mission is to produce content that will both inspire and facilitate you on your travels.

It’s in the Name

The name “Driftwoodrhythms” is the closest that one word can come to describing our travel philosophy. Like driftwood, following the ebb and flow of the ocean currents, we drift through life, following a similar rhythm. We travel without truly knowing our destination, but we travel nonetheless. Exploring and learning as we go, with the ultimate goal of witnessing all the wonders of the world. In a sense, we purposefully travel with no real or final destination in mind. Like driftwood, we will most probably end up on some beach, somewhere on an island in a forgotten sea.