Shanghai - The Paris of the East


Some say it’s the Paris of the East, All I Know is it’s Called Shanghai in China

Shanghai is a truly remarkable city.  It has everything you can imagine and then some.  At times it can be beyond bizarre, with customs that can be utterly intimidating.  Yet, at the same time, it can also be immensely comforting to those who decide to call it home and accept it in all its splendid madness.

It is an ancient city that has survived the test of time to become one of the most modern cities in China.  The origin of the city dates back to the 7th century when it was nothing more than a humble fisherman’s village.  After the first Opium War, the city was proclaimed a treaty port, by the British.  The British, Americans and the French established concessions throughout the city which were exempt from Chinese law.  This caused an immense influx of foreigners, changing the city’s landscape forever.  During its history, it has seen war, depression and prosperity.  For a more detailed history read The New York Times’s A Short History of Shanghai.

Today Shanghai is still an incredibly diverse city, both in terms of its landscape and its people.  It harbours one of the largest expat communities in Asia.  This has a profound influence on the city’s culture and general vibe, which is especially apparent when compared to the rest of China.

During our stay in the Paris of the East, we wandered far and wide in search of the best the city has to offer.  Driven by curiosity and an insatiable thirst for adventure we stumbled upon plentiful fascinating places.  Each evoking its own spectrum of emotions from the amenable explorer.  Some of these places allow you to become immersed even deeper in Chinese culture and history.  While others provide the weary traveller with a temporary escape from the madness, that is Shanghai.  Substituting reality, even if only for a moment, with the familiarities of home.

Places to Visit in Shanghai

TianziFang, Shanghai featured
TianziFang – An Endless Maze of Treats and Trinkets
At first glance, the buildings seem remarkably similar to the apartment blocks that surround them.  Old and somewhat dilapidated, yet infused
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How to Rent an Apartment in Shanghai
How to Rent an Apartment in Shanghai
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Apartment featured image, rooftop view.
The Story Behind Our Apartment in Shanghai
We were thrilled when we first started looking for an apartment in Shanghai.  Not only were we on the hunt
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Century Park, Shanghai
Century Park – Escaping the Rush
Living in one of the most populous cities in the world can be daunting at times.  You are constantly surrounded
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Qibao Ancient Water Town in Shanghai
Qibao – An Ancient Water Town in Shanghai
Tucked away in a jungle of skyscrapers and brand new malls resides a small, humble tourist attraction.  Qibao is the smallest
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