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First Surfing Experience - Aracely Martinez
My First Surfing Experience. The Reflections of a Beginner Surfer – Aracely Martinez
A few weeks ago, I finally decided to take my first surfing class after many years of thinking about going for
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Send Money Home
Using Bitcoin to Send Money Across the Globe
Getting your hard earned cash out of a country can be an extremely tedious and expensive task.  Especially, when you’re
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Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies for Travellers – What are Cryptocurrencies?
Unless you’ve been living in a pineapple under the sea for the past 6 months, I’m sure you’ve heard at least
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Baisha Island
Baisha Island – The West Coast Town in China
Just east of Zhujiajian lies Baisha Island.  The island is home to a small town that has the look and
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Putou Shan, Zhoushan
Zhoushan Escape
We were staying somewhere on Zhujiajian island and after our flying fiasco, we were eager to get started with our adventure
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Murphy's law
Murphy’s Law and Travelling in China
October’s Golden week holiday was fast approaching and we were still undecided on how to spend our week-long break.  We had just
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Huaibei International Ski Resort
Skiing in China at the Huaibei International Ski Resort
China is famous for a great many things, but as far as ski resorts are concerned it doesn’t exactly strike
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The Great Wall at Badaling
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about travelling to China is the Great Wall. Once an important
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Dog in China
Dogs in China: Friends or Food? – The Dog Meat Industry
Before coming to China, the vast majority of comments from friends and family had something to do with dog meat. 
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Hainan China
Our Island Adventure on China’s Hawaii – Hainan
Chancy hotels, strangers in dark alleyways, crowded bus rides and an overall lack of planning are all core ingredients of
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From the highest spot on Boundary Island facing Hainan
Boundary Island – The Border between Cultures and Climates
Just a kilometre or so off the east coast of Hainan lies a small rocky island named Boundary Island (FenjieZhou). 
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Riyue Bay, Main Left Surf spot
Riyue Bay – China’s Surfing Capital
Tropical weather, turquoise water and white sandy beaches make Riyue Bay an alluring destination to anyone that’s looking to spend some time
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Ctrip booking train tickets in China
How to Book Train Tickets in China
China’s high-speed railway network is one of the largest in the world and it’s a thing of absolute wonder.  It
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TianziFang, Shanghai featured
TianziFang – An Endless Maze of Treats and Trinkets
At first glance, the buildings seem remarkably similar to the apartment blocks that surround them.  Old and somewhat dilapidated, yet infused
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How to Rent an Apartment in Shanghai
How to Rent an Apartment in Shanghai
Finding an apartment in Shanghai is a rather curious experience, to say the least.  If you’re not sure what I’m
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Favourite surf spots in SA, Featured
My Favourite Surf Spots in South Africa
The South African coast is blessed with extraordinarily beautiful beaches.  It’s no wonder that the South African equivalent of the
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Apartment featured image, rooftop view.
The Story Behind Our Apartment in Shanghai
We were thrilled when we first started looking for an apartment in Shanghai.  Not only were we on the hunt
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Somewhere in the Northern Cape, South Africa
A Quick Guide to Travelling in South Africa
South Africa is a wonderful and unique country that offers great opportunities for adventure. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline
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Xinchang Peaks in China
Xinchang Peaks – Our First Adventure in Rural China
The mist hung low over the twisting river at the bottom of the narrow gorge.  Birds were gleefully announcing the
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Century Park, Shanghai
Century Park – Escaping the Rush
Living in one of the most populous cities in the world can be daunting at times.  You are constantly surrounded
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Qibao Ancient Water Town in Shanghai
Qibao – An Ancient Water Town in Shanghai
Tucked away in a jungle of skyscrapers and brand new malls resides a small, humble tourist attraction.  Qibao is the smallest
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